overeating during the holidays

How to Avoid Overeating during the Holidays

Between annual holiday parties, family dinners, and end-of-year celebrations, the holiday season can be like a trifecta for weight gain. Do you often feel like you’re overeating during the holidays? Though it may seem unlikely, it really is possible to come away from the holidays with your jeans still fitting and your scale in tact.

If you want to enjoy yourself without packing on the pounds this holiday season, keep reading for a few simple tricks on how to avoid overeating during the holidays.

How Not to Overeat during the Holiday Season

Pick your poison. If you know that there will be appetizers, alcohol, and dessert at the party, choose one of the three beforehand and make a conscious decision to eliminate the other two for the evening. This way you don’t feel deprived and yet you are less likely to overdo it.

Don’t go to an event hungry (or thirsty). We are less likely to devour food at a party if we aren’t hungry upon arrival. Eat a light, healthy snack before you go.

Drink water. One way on how not to overeat during the holiday season is to stay hydrated. Not only does drinking water help to full up our bellies, we are more likely to overeat when we mistake hunger for thirst. This is a common occurrence and most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happening!

Take the small plate. When there’s an option to use a salad plate or a dinner plate, always take the smaller one. This little trick is a great prevention strategy for overindulgence.

Pause. Health coaches often recommend putting your fork down between each bite. This gives you time to savor the food you’re eating, and perhaps take a sip of water or engage in conversation before the next bite. When we eat too quickly, we tend to not enjoy the foods as much, leaving us wanting more than we need.

Grab a buddy. Share your plan (or even your food) with a friend. This will help you to eat less and hold one another accountable.

Walk away. If there’s an area at the party or event where food is out of your line of sight, that’s where you want to stay. Don’t linger near the food table. It’s all about reducing the temptation!

Journal. People who write down everything they eat tend to eat less overall. Journaling can help us be accountable to ourselves. It can also help us to understand our eating habits, such as mindless or emotional eating.

So you really can have a happy holiday season without the holiday weight gain. Now go out and enjoy those parties!

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