Best Printers for Couponing 2015

Those among us that are enthusiastic couponers are savvy shoppers who like to keep shopping costs low by all means possible. That also means using the right printer for couponing and of course using low cost ink and toner cartridges to print out your coupons. After all if you’re using the wrong printer for the job or if you’re using expensive branded cartridges, this negates at least some of the benefit of couponing itself. To help you save even more money, we look at some of the best printers to help you print coupons effectively and cheaply:

Best Printers for Printing Coupons

If you’re going to use the printer only for printing coupons, you don’t really need a color printer. A black and white printer and its cartridges are typically cheaper. Also a laser printer will do the job quickly and cheaply if its only coupons you want to print.

So a basic laser printer will probably do a good job for you. You can find good basic printers for less than $50 and so long as you use compatible replacement cartridges, you could continue to use them really cheap.

If you’re looking to do more with the printer (think school projects, letters to your councilor) then you may want to get a good all in one type machine which will cost more, but also do more.

That said, we look at some of the printers that experts recommend for printing coupons:

The Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer is a good option. The reason why this is a good option is that it comes with a toner cartridge and replacement cartridges are reasonably priced. Also you can get up to two thousand printed sheets from the cartridge. This is a wireless printer that has duplex capability (can print on both sides of the paper).

Several models of The HP Black and White Laser Jet Printer or the Epson Stylus Ink Jet are also good options because these are high yield printers that turn out to be quite economical for printing on a regular basis.

Refurbished Printers

And since we’re talking about saving money here, it makes sense to mention refurbished printers. These can help you save significantly in terms of the initial purchase cost. Look for refurbished printers that are also economical to run.

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