Condé Introduces New Dye-Sub Printer

Condé Systems has recently introduced a new dye-sublimation printer – the DyeTrans GX e7700N. The DyeTrans GX e7700N is the next generation version of the top-selling GX 7000. The printer’s innovative GelSprinter hybrid laser and ink jet technology delivers laser printer speed at a very low cost per page. The GX e7700N can print an 8.5” × 11” page in 25 seconds, one of the fastest in the printer category.


Special Sublimation Gel Ink Cartridges

The GX e7700N’s four-color printer ink cartridges, both the individual standard cartridges as well as the high-capacity ones, use a specially formulated dye-sublimation ink marketed as the SubliJet-R sublimation gel ink. The SubliJet-R has been specially formulated for the Ricoh platform and produces vivid, high-resolution color without using a separate bulk ink system.

Who is it for?

Traditionally, the largest user demographic for dye-sublimation printers has been in the industrial or high-end commercial printing fields. Popular uses of dye-sub printers included security- and broadcast-related applications; medical imaging; printing ID cards, banners, T-shirts, and flags; graphic arts proofing; and so on.

Stand-alone, desktop-size, dye-sub photo printers are also a popular product among social photographers who deal in high-quality event photography. The printers’ instant print ability lets photographers produce and sell lab-quality prints instantaneously and with only a minimal amount of hardware.

What are the Advantages?

Dye-sublimation printers, like the Condé DyeTrans GX e7700N, are able to produce true continuous tones, making the printed images look almost identical to a standard photograph. This is made possible by the dye-sub printers’ continuous-tone technology which allows an infinite number of colors, and where each dot can be of a different color. In contrast, traditional inkjet printers use a process called dithering, which can adjust the location and size of the ink droplets, but where the colors of each drop is limited to that of the pre-installed inks.

Dye-sublimation printers also have less movable parts, making them less prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. Another major advantage of these printers is that the images exit from the printers in a ready-to-use state; no need to wait for the inks to dry or set. The whole printing cycle is also far less messy when compared to that of inkjet models. All in all, dye sublimation is generally a much more reliable technology in comparison to inkjet printing.

To conclude, the DyeTrans GX e7700N promises an unbeatable level of performance, including a four-color standard or high-capacity ink cartridge system, amazing printing speeds, flexible paper handling capabilities, and superior image color and quality.

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