HP Launches Its Mini Printer – A Multitasking, Smart Device For Professionals

First it was computer, then cell phones, and now printers. The present generation is obsessed by the concept of “mini.” Manufacturers are milking this concept like anything. Why not! If people love small, producers give small. That’s why HP has recently launched its mini multi-printer.

image source: Hp.com
image source: Hp.com



The new OfficeJet 150 printer is a multitasker. It can print, fax, copy, and scan. The device weighs three kilos and has a width of one foot. This product of HP can snugly fit into your backpack!

If you’re a sales representative or somebody who travels a lot on official trips, this printer is a boon. You can carry it easily and print pages anywhere.

The shoe-box size of this printer accommodates several parts like the control panel, which has LCD touchscreen, output tray, paper tray, and SD card slot that lets you print directly from the data in the card without connecting it to a computer or internet connection.

The HP’s printer features Bluetooth that lets you print from a tablet or laptop. Wi-Fi is absent because it is hardly useful for a printer. Also, you need to re-enter passwords every time you’re in a new place.

According to HP’s claim, OfficeJet 150 has two 100 mAh batteries that are powerful enough to print 500 pages. You can also get replacement batteries. The company is offering a car adapter to its customers among other accessories. The device boasts of ARM9 Core, which also powers many modern smart phones.

The company claims that the print speed of their newly launched printer is 18 ppm for color and 22 ppm for monochrome. This is regarded as fast printing by many people. So, chances are high that the printer can impress a whole lot of consumers by its printing power.

But, some might find it annoying that they need to place one sheet at a time into the device. The mini size of the printer makes it impossible for the paper tray to hold more than 50 sheets. Also, the price tag may raise eyebrows. HP, at present, expects its customers to shell out around €400 (about £320) for this printer.

Looking at the mini size, portability, convenience of printing, and amazing multi-functions, consumers seeking easy style and function in a single device can get value for their money.

Several reputable websites deal with HP printers and cartridges. They make your shopping experience easier, besides providing you information on the functioning, refilling, and installation.

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