Oce Introduces New Digital Full-Color Inkjet Systems

Oce, a Canon group company and a well-known leader in digital documentation management, announced a new Oce ColorStream 3200 and Oce ColorStream 3900 digital full-color inkjet systems. Now it is changeover to high-speed digital printing.
image source: canon
image source: canon

Key Features

These new offerings extend Oce’s leadership in digital full-color inkjet. The print providers can now migrate easily from toner systems and other platforms to high-speed platforms.

Some of the advantages are as follows.

Cost-effective Inkjet Printing

In these days when companies are making every effort to increase their bottom line, new innovations are always welcome. Luckily, for print providers Oce has now something to offer.

Those who require a print width of 17” with insufficient volumes to justify investment, the current offerings now provide a solution.

They can start with a slower speed and then upgrade to the faster Oce ColorStream 3000 series speeds as and when required. Print providers now have an option to replace toner-based continuous feed systems with a comparable speed inkjet solution.

Higher Productivity

With a process speed of 417 feet per minute, the Oce color stream 3900 is an amazingly new offering. Such a speed can translate up to 59 million letter sizes images.

Oce has a proven high-volume printing technology. Now you can adapt and accelerate the printing mode from monochrome to full color.

Slow but Definitive Growth Forecast for Desktop Inkjet Cartridges

Recession does not seem to have spared any industry sector. Desktop inkjet printer market has been declining partly because of users’ printing habits and also because of adoption of WiFi networks and screen-based devices.

But, shipment of ink cartridges is showing a steady growth. This could be due to a shift from low-end devices toward high-end printers that use single color cartridges. The projected revenue of worldwide desktop inkjet cartridges is expected to be $33 billion in 2015.

Worldwide Laser Toner Cartridge is Expected to Pick Up

Difficult days seem to be over for laser toner cartridge industry. Analysts say the decline in growth has bottomed out in 2010. Strong growth in emerging market will be the driver in the next few years. Laser cartridge shipments are projected to be nearly 500 million units in 2015.

Some analysts are skeptical that prices will fall in the short term. They say prices of base metals are rising, and with the fluctuations in US currency, it is unlikely that the prices of cartridges will drop.

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