Eggcellent Easter Activities for Kids and Adults


It’s that time of the year again; somehow the months have crept up on us and it’s already Easter! I’m sure that a lot of you are considering various Easter activities (and looking forward to consuming your body weight in chocolate eggs). I’m here to tell you that there are so many things you can make, do, and eat in lieu of the same old things you tend to do every year. Don’t get me wrong; traditions are traditions for a reason, and I respect them deeply, but once in a while it’s nice to let loose and embrace a few new traditions!

In this post I’m going to tell you about activities that are not just for kids alone. As with many holidays that are skewed toward children, there are barely any activities for adults, and that, in my opinion, is a crying shame. Easter is for ‘everybunny'!

Eggceptional Easter Activities to Keep Everybunny Hoppy

Easter activities


Hiding Easter eggs is fun, but there are other things you could hide. For instance, how about a treasure hunt hidden inside plastic Easter eggs? The clues are placed at random and the lucky people who find them scamper off to the next part of the treasure hunt where there are more clues hidden inside plastic eggs. This can be an activity for kids and adults; just swap out the “treasure” (the gift at the end of the hunt) and give adult contestants “grown-up gifts” such as really good fair trade tea or coffee or a nice bottle of wine.

For activities especially for kids, you can’t go wrong with a traditional egg hunt, but there are other activities that you could incorporate into your Easter celebrations this year. Try an Easter egg roll and give presents to the child who can roll their egg (without cracking it) the furthest. You could also have an egg and spoon race; this all-time favorite involves balancing colored eggs (use hard boiled eggs to avoid a mess) on tablespoons and then running in a race. If you’re at the finish line with your egg still sitting firmly on your spoon, then you win!

Other activities could include an egg decorating contest, and both kids and adults can play. Avoid dunking eggs into paint (it’s too easy) and hand out supplies such as sharpies, glitter, stickers, and paints, and let everyone get really creative. Reward the creators of the best-decorated eggs with a prize.


There are a number of arts and crafts projects out there devoted to Easter, so I decided to focus on a handful of Easter DIY projects that appeal to me. I love the idea of making things for celebrations, and creating projects that can be used around the house. They don’t have to be extravagant projects or incredibly difficult to make. Simple projects are just as gorgeous and give you as much satisfaction (if not more).

You could decorate your front door with this beautiful Easter egg wreath; it’s easily customized and will look glorious. Of course, you could hang something else on your front door, such as this lovely spring carrot door hanger. Inside the house you could decorate your stairwells with these gorgeous egg garlands (they’re ridiculously easy to make). Or perhaps this adorable bunny tail garland is more your style? For an easy table centerpiece, try these easy DIY recycled Easter bunny vases, and you can fill some of them with these adorable lolly pop bunnies instead of flowers!


Start your day right with gorgeous bunny pancakes because bunny pancakes are obviously better than plain ones. Besides, look how cute they are. Or you could make these cinnabunnies, which are cinnamon rolls shaped like bunnies. Perfection!

Now that the kids are sated, you could make these caramel egg stuffed Easter croissants for the adults, or if breakfast is not your thing (because it’s a bit early for company, let’s admit), you can organize a brunch date with your friends. What better thing to serve at Easter brunch than these delicious-looking roasted red pepper and baked egg galettes? Pair them with a glass of wine or a mimosa for a perfect brunch. If you have non-drinkers to entertain, perhaps a glass or two of sparkling water would hit the spot.

I can’t think of anything better for Easter lunch (or brunch) than this asparagus and goat cheese tart; it’s gorgeous to look at and ridiculously easy to make. And don’t leave dessert far behind; get onto making these beautiful no-bake mini cheesecakes, which look so perfect for Easter with their lovely pastel colors. Making it is so simple but it looks like you spent hours on it — my idea of a perfect dessert!

Happy Easter, everybunny! Let us know what Easter activities you’re planning in the comments below.

Awanthi Vardaraj lives and writes in the port city of Chennai, in the south of India, where she runs her own small artisanal bakery and keeps a garden full of jasmine plants and herbs that she still cannot name. As a freelance writer, she mostly focuses on food, feminism, travel, mental health, and poverty. She also nurtures a deep love for the Oxford comma and the semicolon. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at AwanthiVardaraj.

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