The Perfect Christmas Gift for Vegans in Your Life


Buying a cruelty-free ethical gift for your favorite vegan or vegetarian is not as hard or as complicated as you think it is. So put away your vouchers this holiday season because you are about to be spared your torture and indecision. It’s hard to pick and choose a Christmas gift for vegans, and I totally get that. I’ve put together a few suggestions for you to peruse while consuming an almond milk latte (or whatever else you may like to drink; it is Christmas 2017 after all).

A Christmas Gift List for Vegans

Conscious Confectionery from HunnyBon

Vegans can’t eat gummy worms, coke bottles, or all the other delicious candies out there because they all contain gelatin. Enter HunnyBon, a conscious confectionery company that makes vegan versions of all those delicious treats. It’s enough to make anyone love you.

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Egg Replacer

Egg replacer basically replaces eggs in recipes and opens up whole new worlds for vegans. It’s great to use in baking or cooking projects, or to just use on its own to whip up a quick vegan omelet.

Nakd Raw Fruit and Nut Snack Bars

Nakd raw fruit and nut snack bars are made from delicious simple ingredients and are gluten, wheat, and dairy free. They also don’t have any added syrups or sugars, and are GM free and low in saturated fats. These bars contain delicious hints of cocoa and orange. Plus, they have other packs and flavors for you to try.

UrthBox Vegan Subscription Box

Personally, I love subscription boxes because it means you get a new present every month (typically). There’s nothing to not love about getting a new present every month. It’s like Christmas over twelve months. Urthbox is the best vegan subscription box out there because you can pick and choose the size of box you want to send. Bonus: all the products in the box are full sized and aren’t just samples.

Kombucha Brewing Kit with Organic Kombucha Scoby

Kombucha is a magical drink that clears up bad skin, fixes tummy troubles, and repairs and restores the flora in your gut. Almost everything is tied up with having a healthy gut, so why not give the gift of health and fun? The kit comes with scoby, and includes a glass brewing jar, organic kombucha loose leaf tea, and organic sugar.

Forest Altar Shrine

This gorgeous forest altar shrine is handmade out of clay, lovingly crafted to “pay homage to my love of the outdoors and the indoors, an ode to both wildness and domesticity.” This is sure to appeal to the vegans you love because they are all about protecting the earth and its wilderness; they already have an appreciation for the outdoors and all its beauty.

Vegan Lipstick

This all-natural lipstick comes in all sorts of delicious colors like butterscotch, berry sweet, and soft coral (to name a few). It is 100% vegan and hydrating, and long-lasting too. Naturally pigmented, these lipsticks are sure to nourish lips and keep them soft. As they say of their own product, “this is the natural good-for-you kind of makeup, perfect for those who want to detoxify their makeup bags.”

Vegan Chocolate

Ethicoco makes a delicious strawberry chocolate that is a vegan alternative to white chocolate. “Created from a delicious high quality cocoa butter for a rich chocolate undertone, a rice alternative to milk, and a very generous amount of real strawberries.” The shop also has vegan alternatives to dark and milk chocolate, in various flavors.

Magazine Subscription

A subscription to VegNews will be very appreciated by the vegans and vegetarians in your life. The magazine contains the latest news and information on everything a vegan could care about, making it a very thoughtful gift indeed.

Aquafaba Cookbook

In case you haven’t heard (or you’ve been living under a rock this past year), aquafaba is the water that beans and chickpeas have been soaked in. It’s an amazing vegan alternative that allows vegans to enjoy hitherto forbidden treats such as meringues. What could be a more thoughtful gift than a cookbook explaining the many ways in which the vegan in your life could use aquafaba?

I hope this has given you some ideas for getting the perfect Christmas gift for vegans in your life. I wish you all the very best of the holiday season!

Awanthi Vardaraj lives and writes in the port city of Chennai, in the south of India, where she runs her own small artisanal bakery and keeps a garden full of jasmine plants and herbs that she still cannot name. As a freelance writer, she mostly focuses on food, feminism, travel, mental health, and poverty. She also nurtures a deep love for the Oxford comma and the semicolon. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at AwanthiVardaraj.

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