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How TomatoInk is Helping the Earth


The effort to preserve the environment has been given a much-needed push in recent years. People around the world have become aware of the dangers of air and water pollution, climate change, and deforestation. The emergence of new industrial powers in Asia, Africa, and South America has produced an ever-growing hunger for raw materials. This has led to logging on an unprecedented scale and the destruction of whole swaths of forest in regions that used to be covered with them.

Human beings do not go unaffected by the degradation of an ecosystem. The destruction of a healthy forest causes many problems. When farmers, for example, can’t grow anything because of the sudden infertility of the soil, they must move to cities. Their prospects are little better there because of overcrowding and lack of jobs. This leads to a spiraling misery in which farmers are compelled to sell themselves and their families into slavery so as not to starve. Trees also provide a habitat for animals, purify water, help prevent soil erosion, and provide nutrients for the farming soil.


Our Solution…

There is a solution to such devastation, but it takes more than governments to act. Ordinary citizens and corporations have to do their part. That is why TomotoInk has partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project and has pledged to donate 10 trees on every order received. TomatoInk is a premiere ink cartridge printer company. While it is committed to servicing the needs of its clients it is also dedicated to the advancement of reforestation throughout the world.

“Our goal is to plant one million trees around the world”, TomotoInk CEO Andrew Yeung has said. And we are on track to do just that.

The Eden Reforestation Project is part of a new trend in global environmental action. It employs people who actually live in the regions affected by deforestation. Rather than flying experts in from industrialized countries Eden puts money and material into training and employing individuals from local towns and villages. This both reduced poverty and helps to sustain the environment.

When you hear organizations such as Eden talk about the importance of planting trees, it is not a mere do-gooder notion to be dismissed. Real lives are at stake. Whole families and villages have been wiped out because of the rapid increase in deforestation.

Our commitment involves the donation of tree seeds to the Eden Project. There is no irony in a printer cartridge company making such a commitment. Our company understands the necessity of trying to replenish a resource that it contributes to consuming. This is a perfectly reasonable and responsible action to take.

“How can I help?”

When you buy from TomatoInk, you do your part in this fight as well. If you have been looking for a way to take part in the fight to preserve both plant and human life in different parts of the world, this is it. Every cartridge you purchase from TomatoInk will be an act of conscience and responsibility to the planet we must all live on and protect.