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Low Price Guarantee

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If you are about to buy a new cartridge and find a cheaper advertised price offered by our competitors on the same available brand, model, condition, and combo pack, kindly let us know, and we'll match that price for you.

Please email us the proof of price while that lower price is in effect via a link to the website offering the reduced rate, and we will contact them for verification.


The Price Guarantee does not apply to our or our competitors' free offers, limited-quantity items, clearance items, financing, special sale offers, promotions, or pricing errors.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is proof of price?

A web link or URL of our competitor's current advertised price. We reserve the right to call the competitor's store to verify the lower price and availability of the item.


How do you handle a price match if the competitor's price includes a rebate or other promotional offer?

The competitor's net purchase price is calculated by deducting instant discounts, such as instant rebates, taken during checkout. Mail-in rebates and other deferred savings are not deducted from the competitor's purchase price.


If our competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product, will you do the price match?

Some stores will advertise a very cheap price for a product but have only limited stock. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching. Our limited-quantity items will not be eligible for price matching.


Will you price match the priced-matched item?

We will not price match to a competitor's price that has already been reduced by a price match.