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No ink/poor print quality (Includes most Brother, Canon, Epson, and Xerox models)

  1. Ensure that the vent hole of the cartridge and the nozzle are unblocked by any tape or plastic strip (Usually a bright color, but sometimes clear).
  2. Run the printhead cleaning cycle 2-3 times or until the texts in the test print sheet are clear and fine. You can also clean the printhead manually to not waste ink.
  3. Please make sure that the printer is set online (at the computer) and increase the darkness setting at the printer.

Note: Epson printers should be turned on and used at LEAST once a month, preferably once a week. If the printer has not been used in over 5-6 months, Epson recommends replacing the ink cartridges. If you need to speak to our customer service staff, call us at 1-833-777-0127. We are available from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT Mondays through Fridays.